A little history…

Our house is officially known as the K.A. MacGowen house and is listed in the Quincy Historic District walking tour guide. The original parts of the house were most likely pre-civil war, but it is listed on the Property Appraiser’s register as being built in 1884. The original building most likely served as the Munroe Plantation office; later on it provided a detached kitchen for the Harris-Munroe-Gardner house next door (which was occupied by Mr. Pat Munroe in 1894, the man responsible for urging widows and farmers to invest $40 each in Coca-Cola stock, resulting in many a wealthy Gadsden county resident.) During the early 1900s our house served as the one room dental office of Dr. Bob Munroe.

1907. Dr. Robert Munroe at work in his dental office. Photo courtesy of Florida Photographic Collection.

1907. Dr. Robert Munroe at work in his dental office. Photo courtesy of Florida Photographic Collection.

Later it was purchased by Mr. K.A. MacGowen and his wife, and they are responsible for most of the additions over the next 60 years. The MacGowens loved to travel abroad, and the enclosed garden in the rear houses many interesting non-native plants brought home from exotic locales. Apparently, the MacGowens spent a good amount of time in France, and at one point there was hand-painted French wallpaper in the kitchen (man, do I wish it was still there!) There were also 3 bidets (one made completely of rosewood) in the home during their residence; only one remains today (unfortunately, it’s not the rosewood one.)

After the MacGowens’ tenure, Bob and Eleanor Woodward lived in the house for about 4 years in the 1980s and are responsible for many of the updates we will be enjoying. Between the Woodwards and our arrival, Linton S. Munroe, Jr. (nicknamed “Stubby”) and his wife, Sue, lived here. Everyone in Quincy still fondly refers to the house as “Stubby’s place“.

This little bit of history has been cobbled together from information I have researched and gleaned from neighbors, heirs of Stubby, Mr. Joe Munroe and Mrs. Eleanor Fleming (formerly Woodward).


4 thoughts on “A little history…

  1. This is so cool! I especially love the yard, the built-ins, and that wide window in the kitchen. Were the chandeliers already there? Beautiful.

    • Yes, we were lucky enough to inherit the existing chandelier and sconces. Funny enough, there was not an existing switch for the sconces; they were just always “hot” and to turn them off you’d have to unscrew the bulbs! Luckily, our electricians were able to feed them to a wall switch.

  2. I love that you were able to discover the history of the place. Growing up I visited Quincy quite a bit to see my grandfather’s friends who were some of those lucky enough to have taken the advice about the Coke stock!

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