Wall-to-wall-to-wall-to-wall-to-wall wallpaper…

As you can see from the pics, this house is fully dressed in wallpaper, and she wears her florals loud and proud. While we debated on keeping the wallpaper in a few of the rooms, the damage from the electrical access means that no room went unscathed. Now all holes will get patched and plastered, and we will be painting each room. We thought we were going to have to strip ALL of the wallpaper first, and you can imagine how daunting that task looked (these are BIG rooms, people, with extremely high, like 11-foot high, ceilings). Luckily, after consulting with our painter we confirmed that it would actually be best to leave the wallpaper intact on most of the walls since they are, in fact, plaster, and there is a good chance we could damage the walls beyond repair if we tried (my mother-in-law warned me of this, and it turns out she was correctamundo.) However, there was one room that was discovered to be wallpapered on top of sheetrock – the living room (otherwise known as the BIGGEST ROOM IN THE HOUSE). So, my husband, mother and I set out to strip it prior to painting. It took us several weekends to get off all of the glue on the seamlines and under the windowsills, but it’s FINALLY done! Pfweh!

Living Room

Living Room


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