Blue Velvet

I’ve had a bit of a blue velvet obsession lately. Shortly after we started the process of closing on our new home, I had set my desires upon a yet-to-be-discovered midnight blue velvet sofa and waited for the universe to drop it on my doorstep. A little over a month ago my mother-in-law forwarded a Craigslist post for a velvet blue couch (she’s my partner-in-crime for mining the ads for my “wish list” items.) The couch was AMAZING, and it was only $200 (and included 2 other chairs that had been upholstered to match)! It wasn’t the dark blue Victorian I had pictured in my mind, but it was blue (powder blue), it was velvet, and it even had little spired finials that nodded to the era of Empire and Empress-style beauties. AND as if that wasn’t enough, it was straight out of the 60s (which I just can’t seem to shake in my decorating leanings for some reason). In addition, it was deep and long enough to comfortably sit several people or my husband and I both lounging at the same time. The one caveat – it was located in St. Augustine! So, I convinced my husband to join me in loading up the truck with a rented pull-behind trailer, and we set out on Mission: Blue Velvet. Unfortunately, the only weekend we had available to pick it up also proved to be dangerously nasty weather-wise. It didn’t just rain, it poured, and when I say “poured”, I mean it POURED! It poured all the way down and all the way back. The only exception was the brief period where we were actually loading and unloading the couch. By some miracle we were actually spared the torrential downfall during those times. So, it was a rough trip, but it was definitely worth it! Here she is:

Blue Velvet Couch


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