Lights up!

After many last-minute trips to the hardware store, all of the lighting is finally installed. There were several original fixtures that I had wanted to re-use, but many had to be scrapped due to old wiring or inspector non-approval.

I had the dining room chandelier re-wired, and she is now dressed and happily hanging in all her glory.


Also, in an effort to save moola, I had planned a project for the kitchen to replace cage lights that my husband and I had spied at Home Depot and really liked (but didn’t really care for the $79 price tag). I had bought all of the pieces to recreate the look from separate vendors, but, unfortunately, the electricians told me at the last minute that what I had wouldn’t work.


Since I didn’t have time to research and purchase what I needed to make it right, we ended up having to buy the original lights we loved, but, luckily the price had been reduced to $69/ea. It was definitely more than we had planned to spend, but we are very happy with the outcome. Plus, it just buys me more time to figure out the other assembly so that I can use it elsewhere.


For our kitchen island, we had originally wanted two of these pretties:


but at $154 a pop, there was no way. I went to a-searching on the world-wide-webs and finally came across these as a replacement:


The beauty is that they were on sale for $55.76 (original price of $94.00), and I was even able to buy one on clearance for $45. When we received the one that had been on clearance, I noticed it had a small chip on the rim. When I inquired about exchanging it, I was told that there were no more clearance items available. However, I was given the option of keeping the damaged item and spending the difference for another sale-priced fixture. I decided to take them up on it, and when I took a second look at the damaged item, I realized it really wasn’t that noticeable after all. So I actually ended up with THREE fixtures for a little more than the price of one (and $40 less than just ONE of the original inspiration lights), and truth be told, I actually like them better than the original inspiration anyway! Win!


This next light I found at an estate sale and couldn’t resist it’s 60s charm, industrial leanings, and $10 price tag.


Since some of the white paint was flaking off and I wasn’t crazy about the white to begin with, I decided to scrape off all of the white paint


and ended up with this art-deco-ish result.


I’m WAY happy with the final product:



We splurged a bit on this next item, but we already had a Groupon certificate for $75 off at local store, Tallahassee Light, Fan, & Blind, and my mother ended up gifting the rest as a birthday gift. When we received the actual product, I was a little worried it might be too big, but once we got it hung, it turned out to be the right proportion, as planned. The idea was to anchor the long and high-ceilinged living room, and I think it does a lovely job. It’s “transitional” nature also does a fantastic job of bridging the gap between my plush and industrial tendencies, as well as adding a masculine touch to the room.


Lastly, I had picked up these pretty 1920s shades at a tag sale for $10 a piece without realizing that they could only be hung with a 3-chain or 3-bar fixture. This proved to be a difficult item to find on the cheap, and I needed TWO, no less. Refurbished versions online were wanting $80-90 a pop, and local stores that could order the proper hardware also wanted upwards of $75. I just couldn’t bring myself to she’ll that much out, so after MUCH research online, I finally came across an Etsy store that sold the kits I needed for $19.99. Bingo!



One thought on “Lights up!

  1. I absolutely LOVE the lighting in your home. All of the styles are perfect and make it worth all of the work you did to get them. You really did goooood!

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