Pickled Pee Rug, Part 2: A Happy Ending

After posting the original fiasco with our lovely Craigslist “deal”, my ma-in-law sent me a link to a site that pretty much outlined what we had already done, with one additional step – sprinkling the carpet with baking soda and then soaking with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish detergent.

We followed these instructions and sprinkled the rug LIBERALLY with baking soda.



Then we made a concoction of one quart of hydrogen peroxide and 8 teaspoons of dish detergent. We administered the brew using a watering can to get even coverage and kept repeating in sections. I was able to cover about a 2×3 area with each mix.



After each application, we would brush the area vigorously with a long-handled bristle brush.



We left the rug to dry outside overnight and prayed that the humidity wouldn’t undo it all. The next day we vacuumed the rug, took it indoors and laid it upside down on a tarp with a fan on it. Then the next day we flipped it and did the same. By the following day, the rug appeared to be dry and NO LONGER SMELLED LIKE A FERMENTED LITTER BOX! We did notice that there were some areas where the baking soda had dried on the carpet fibers, but some additional scrubbing and wiping with a damp cloth seemed to do the trick!


It was a long, painful road, but we saved the rug, and it’s right where it belongs. Yay for happy endings!



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