Wonder Kitchen

One of my favorite things in the house is this GE Wonder Kitchen:


Introduced in 1955, the GE Wonder Kitchens were, “An internally plumbed and wired GE ‘Kitchen Center’ combining an automatic dishwasher, range, Disposal-equipped sink, and a washer dryer. All mounted under one stainless steel counter.”



The first Wonder Kitchens were showcased in the famous Levitt homes in Levittown, PA.

Here’s a June 27,1955 ad in LIFE magazine: Wonder Kitchen Ad

The only remaining metal cabinetry on my model is the oven and the cabinet under my sink (although it has been refaced with wooden cabinet doors.) The system was originally fuse-powered (and the fuse box lived under the sink, of all places), but I had my electricians rewire it with GFI breakers.


I love the push buttons for the stove top, and there is a place to the far left to plug in a griddle, as well.


Everyone tried to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to keep this beauty, that it wouldn’t pass inspection, (and that I should probably just go ahead and give it to them), but, luckily, my lead electrician got everything pre-approved with the chief inspector prior to starting work; so it’s mine all mine. (Insert maniacal laughter) Bwahahahaha!



11 thoughts on “Wonder Kitchen

  1. Congrats on the house. It looks BEAUTIFUL and I’m sure y’all will enjoy it for many, many years to come. I’m amazed at the wonder kitchen. I’ve never heard, let alone seen one before and I’m quite surprised that there is also a sink disposal! I’m glad that you decided to keep it, and like Pearl, someone else was probably eyeballing it. Bet it’s worth a pretty penny especially since it’s in working condition. I saw the pics of the solarium and that is my favorite room. If I had a swing bed like that, I would never get off of it….LOL I’m so happy for you both. xo

    PS: Love the paint choices.

  2. I have a Wonder kitchen in Yellow. We are going to renovate our kitchen and the Wonder kitchen will be for sale. I am not going to scrap the beauty. Where is a good place to advertise the unit?

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