Since I didn’t grow up in a neighborhood of any kind, this year I was totally looking forward to having the classic trick-or-treat experience that I never had, and I was planning on dressing up as a witch and handing candy out to the little ones from my quintessential front porch.

Unfortunately, after talking with my neighbor I found out that the City of Quincy designates a specific street for trick-or-treating and that street is not mine {insert deflated frownie face}. To add a little salt in the wound, they also block off our street and encourage everyone to turn off their porch lights. Nooooooo!

I refuse to let the goblins get me down; so, I decided to still put out a few little decorations around the house to keep my “spirits” up…




This wreath I made from grapevines and other random vines that I found hanging in my backyard. All of the flowers and ribbons I picked up at The Dollar Tree, and the pièce de résistance, the vulture, I found in the sale bin at Michaels. I purposely left off the skulls (which I usually can’t get enough of) so that the wreath could last me all of Fall.


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