Medicine Cabinet Upgrade

We have the cutest little recessed medicine cabinet in our upstairs master bathroom. Since I was re-doing the look of the whole bathroom (pics are coming, I’m just looking for one… more… little… thing… before the reveal,) I decided to give the cabinet a little facelift.

Regrettably, I failed to take any “before” pictures; so this isn’t really a proper “makeover” post, but I think you get the idea.

All I did was take some scrapbooking paper and double-sided tape and cut it to size. It really couldn’t have been easier.

Our cabinet is metal, so to utilize the space on the inside of the door, I used magnets to suspend items like grooming accessories and our toothbrushes (since I hate the idea of them being out in the “elements”). I just superglued them to anything that wasn’t metal and positioned everything so that the door would close without resistance.

To keep things pretty, contained, and organized, I de-boxed what I could and reorganized supplies in small juice glasses, votives, and recycled mini condiment jars.


An excellent return for just a little bit of effort, and now we have a sweet little surprise waiting for us every time we open that door. Not a bad way to start each morning and end each day!


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