Details: Master Bathroom

This bathroom is located upstairs and was originally designed as a “guest bath”, but once I saw that claw-footed tub, I knew it had to be my “every day” powder room.  So, when we made the decision to locate our Master Bedroom upstairs instead of off the living room as originally designed, I was as pleased as punch!

The original bathroom stylings included blue carpet (yes, carpet in the bathroom), a vintage wallpaper that I most likely would have kept but couldn’t because of the damage the electricians had to do when re-wiring the house,

I kept a piece of wallpaper from each room and framed it for remembrance

I kept a piece of wallpaper from each room and framed it for remembrance

and a cast iron sink that we were told was un-salvagable.

Original cast-iron sink

Original cast-iron sink

After the electricians ripped some of the wallpaper, I noticed that there was old wooden paneling behind some of the paper.  I felt along the wall and discovered that the paneling only went about half-way up the wall.  So, I decided to tear the paper at the break line and have my carpenter install a simple chair rail.

Since the wallpaper was the type of thick vintage paper that required that the backing paper be nailed in, we were left with a ton of rusty nail heads and had to “Kilz” them to keep them from seeping through the new paint.

Once we pulled the carpet up, a vintage sea glass mosaic linoleum was revealed underneath; so I used that as the inspiration for my color theme.  I knew I wanted varying shades of roughly the same hue and also wanted a tinted “white wash” look for the paneling.


Next, I set to silk-screening individual bronzey-gold peacock feathers along the top section of the wall.


After we had to replace the original sink and the wallpaper was ripped off, we needed to do something to address behind the new sink; so we had a tile back splash installed.  I’ve always loved the 50’s white-with-black-dot tiling, but I decided to do a slightly different take on it and use an all white octagonal and dot pattern with black grout.


The glass shelves were already existing.  I just had to re-position them to suit the new sink.  The little metal medicine cabinet is one of my favorite little things in the house.  See a previous post on it’s transformation here.

I hung a collection of art in the corner below the chair rail to set that area apart.  The painting in the large frame was one that I found in the attic.


After that, it was just a matter of adding towels, grooming items, and a little styling.

And finally… the before-and-after pics:

B&A Window

B&A Tub


2 thoughts on “Details: Master Bathroom

  1. All the hard work was worth it and you can really see the difference from the pictures. Glad the wallpaper did not work! This is one of my favorite rooms. Mom

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