Details: Master Bedroom

We decided to forego what had been used as the traditional Master Bedroom in this house, and we chose the upstairs “Guest Quarters” instead.  My husband suggested it using the rationale that it would be warmer in the Winter (this can be a VERY COLD house in the Winter), would provide privacy if one of us was entertaining without the other, had great natural light and beautiful views of the garden, and would ensure that we actually visited the upstairs.  It didn’t take much to convince me, since that amazing claw-footed tub lives upstairs, as well.

Master Bedroom

I took my decor inspiration from the vintage curtains that used to belong to my paternal grandmother.  The room was originally covered in a fairly loud pink floral wallpaper and cream carpet, but we pulled the carpet up, had the floors stained, and painted the room a muted teal color (Sherwin Williams’ “Rocky River” – SW6215).

I framed a bit of the original wallpaper as a memento

I framed a bit of the original wallpaper as a memento

I wanted to keep the furnishings simple.  We had a platform built for our Tempurpedic Contour Select mattress (generously gifted from my oh-so-sweet mother), and it was stained to match the floors.  We included an antique dresser that has been in my family for ages, as well as a beautifully carved side table to house our can’t-live-without fan.  We also added a reading nook, since that corner seemed to beg for it.  Other than that it is just a couple of wicker baskets to hold extra blankets and dirty laundry and the matching bedside tables that my mother and I found on a shopping trip to Target.

I also knew that I wanted a flokati look for the bedside rugs, but I am an avid animal lover and didn’t want the real thing.  So, after much internet research, I found that Ikea offers the faux versions for only $9.99; the catch is that they only sell them in store and not online.  So I picked a couple up while visiting my Aunt in Tampa.  Unfortunately, I should have picked up a couple more, because in an absent-minded cleaning frenzy one day, I accidentally threw them in the dryer, and their luxurious long “hair” is now fuzzy little nubbies.  For some reason, it doesn’t seem to bother me though and still feel lovely underfoot.  So, until I can make another trip to Ikea, they’ll just have to do!

And now for some of my favorite details…

Reading Nook Chair

The chair in the corner was one that was thrown in for free with the blue velvet couch that we picked up in St. Augustine, and the pink velvet pillow was thrifted.

Carved Wooden Shoes

These carved wooden shoes are some that I found at an antique store as a child and have never been able to part with.

Bedside Lamp

These matching lamps I found left in the attic from previous owners.  I re-wired them and added the milk glass globes that were given to me by my mother.

Wedding DressIt was my mother’s discovery that I had chosen the same colors for my bedroom as I did for my wedding dress.  She actually made my dress for me (without a pattern, mind you), and I love waking up and looking at it every morning.


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