DIY:  Faux Chalkboard Labels

While organizing and styling my bookshelf, I decided I needed to address my photo albums since I knew this is where they would live.  I previously had been using white 3-ring binders and had attached metal nameplates to each one to identify the contents and keep a clean, cohesive look.

White binders

My mother showed up one day with all of these binders in gorgeous blues & greens which worked great with my living room color scheme, so I set my brain to work thinking of how I wanted to label them.

I really like the idea of chalkboard labels since it would reflect the chalkboard paint I had used on the back wall of the bookshelf and since they are changeable.  However, chalkboard labels can be a little on the steep side, and I was having trouble finding a size/shape I liked.  I recently discovered that black construction paper can kind of “sub” for chalkboard paint; so, I decided to give it a try for stand-in chalkboard labels.

I found a clip-art shape I liked online, sized it to a size I thought would work on all of the binders (they are various spine widths), and printed it.  I then cut it out and used it to trace in succession onto the black construction paper.

I cut each one out individually, wrote what I wanted on it with the white chalk, and either placed it behind the plastic cover or adhered it to the binder with rubber cement (you could also use glue dots).  (If it isn’t bright enough for you, you can always go over it with a white paint pen.)

The overall effect, I think, turned out well and gives the collection of binders a unified look.



Photo albumsBookshelf


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