Details:  Guest Room

The inspiration for this room was my mother’s antique Oriental cabinet/secretary. It was always one of my favorite pieces growing up, and she gifted it to me when I moved out for the first time to attend college. So it has followed me around ever since and continues to be one of my favorite treasures.   

While the room styling is an eclectic mix (like all rooms in my house), I pulled the wall color and general Asian theme from the cabinet, although I took it in a more 50s kitschy Chinese Modern direction.    


 The wall color is Sherwin Williams 6181 – Secret Garden.    

The brass bed frame is a family piece  that was 150 years old when my mom acquired it in 1969. Her first husband’s sister brought it over from England where they were stationed, and it was my childhood bed growing up.   


The little reading lamp I found at an estate sale and rewired it for safety.  


The green jacquard chair my mother and I found on the side of the road ready for trash pickup. We did a thorough cleaning, and I strategically placed one of my grandmother’s afghans over it to cover a few of the threadbare areas.   
The 50s barkcloth curtains were another thrift store find. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to find 4 panels at only $2.99/ea!  

The settee was an estate sale find which I was originally going to recover but decided to leave shabby chic, and the 50s skirted atomic print stool was another thrift store score. The rug is original to the house and was one of the forgotten treasures I found in the attic.   

Since the door leading to the sun porch is glass-paned, I hung an Asian panel I found at a garage sale for some privacy.   

All of the art were garage sale finds, except the vintage 3D bird shadow box. That belonged to my grandmother.      

Before & After:   



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