DIY:  Nail Polish Curio

I recently came across an image on Pinterest that I instantly realized MUST BECOME MINE.   

But then I checked my bank account and realized I’d have to get all DIY. No biggie. It actually turned out to be a very simple project, once I figured out how I was going to pull it off, and I like my version better because my nail polish is behind closed doors so it doesn’t get dusty (I HATE dusting my nail polish), yet they are visible.   So here’s what I did:

I purchased a shadow box from Michael’s. I had researched others online, but I am not a patient soul (I wanted my curio NOW), and Michael’s was having a particularly great sale on their picture frames. So, I grabbed the largest one I could that also had a front-hinged access panel. I also picked up several balsam wood slats to use as shelves and gold paint (I already had the wood glue).  

I measured my tallest nail polish bottle and marked inside the shadow box as to where my shelves should sit accordingly, taking into account the thickness of the wood slats.     


I cut one wood slat into about 1-inch pieces to be used as shelf braces and cut down the rest of the slats using a hand saw to fit the width of the shadow box since these would be used as my shelves, and then I spray-painted everything gold. 


I used the wood glue to adhere the shelf braces and let them dry.    


After that it was just a matter of setting the shelves upon the braces, placing my (edited) collection of polishes on the shelves, and shutting the glass door.    

Before & After: 



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