DIY:  Refrigerator Message Board

I have come to the realization that the “notes” feature in my iPhone isn’t quite enough for creating our weekly shopping list. So, in order to have a running list that my husband can add to (since he’s bad about telling me we’re out of things at the most in opportune times) and that’s attractive enough to have on display, I set about making a refrigerator message board. 

I had seen some examples of picture frames on a few design sites used as dry-erase boards, so I thought I would start there. I found an inexpensive wood frame in my attic and disassembled it. Like the fridge itself, I knew I wanted it to blend in with the kitchen paint; so I custom-mixed a complementary shade of spring green, with the intent that it would be light enough for writing to show up on. 

I painted one side of the glass with a sponge applicator using long strokes and let it dry.    

   Then I reassembled the frame putting the painted side of the glass towards the back cover and glued heavy duty magnets to the back edges.

   After the magnets were secure, I took three drapery hooks and wedged them into the bottom of the frame opening, between the glass and the wood frame, to hold the dry-erase pen. 

 I needed something to hold the eraser and remembered I had an antique tin match holder I had found at a thrift store that I wasn’t using. One magnetic hook later, and my message center was complete!  



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