Details:  Kitchen

(First of all, I need to apologize for the less-than-stellar image quality of the photos I am about to share with you. My sad little iPhone camera and all the 99-cent photo editing apps in the world were no match for the funky lighting and my inordinate ineptitude for dealing with it.)

I love to cook and experiment with new cocktails, so it’s no surprise that I love hanging out in the kitchen. This kitchen, however, came with many (in my opinion) bonus features that enhance the experience even more. 
Here are some of my favorites…

RUSTIC WOOD FLOORS  These are the only non-carpeted floors in the house that we decided to leave natural. 

I’ve never had so much storage in my life! Here’s a glimpse of what’s inside…  

A LARGE CENTER ISLAND    The island is full of extra storage and even has a large cabinet designed for a trash can on a pull out, which we use for storing dry dog food. The island is HUGE but is actually on castors, so we turned it on an angle (my husband’s idea) to make maneuvering around it a little easier. Our sweet painter surprised us one day by refinishing and staining the top. 

For more details about the Wonder Kitchen, see this post.

Strange enough, even with all of those cabinets, there wasn’t a good set-up for storing dishes and glassware near the sink and food prep area, so I repurposed an antique hutch I had used for “pretties” at my last home. We had it painted to match the other cabinetry, and I covered the back with pretty paper and upholstery tacks to hide some deterioration.     The cabinet wasn’t quite deep enough for me to stack my dinner plates, so I used one of my grandfather’s old gym baskets to contain and display my plates. 

The wooden bowl was a hand-me-down from my parents. A Mexican treasure they found at a garage sale, I think. I use it to store citrus, fruit, onions, potatoes, garlic, and any CSA veggies I can keep out. 

We painted the kitchen walls Eminent Bronze by Sherwin Williams but didn’t repaint the cabinets.  We just had the moulding and trim painted to match. I was originally going to replace all of the cabinet hardware with crystal knobs but decided to keep the original cabinet pulls, since they had a craftsman quality that I found charming.  

The Coca Cola bottle popper was a gift from my lovely In-Laws. It resides directly over the recycle bin, of course. 

  I like to decant “like” items whenever possible, and little doggy treats are no exception. 


Our crazy wallpapered fridge (see the DIY instructions here.)

 I couldn’t resist these tongue-in-cheek 80s reference kitchen towels (sourced at Etsy).
  My grandma’s collection of wooden spoons that I’ve added to over the years. 

  The mirror was another hand-me-down from mom, and the artwork is a stippling pen and ink I made while in high school. 

  Once we removed the window valance, we realized the kitchen gets great light, which enables me to keep fresh cut herbs on the windowsill for spontaneous use. 

  The froggy sponge holder was a bathroom regular of my grandma’s that I always loved growing up. She always kept fine hand soaps in his little mouth. 

  The wooden cutting board was another gift from my mother. 

And now for the Before ‘n’ Afters…   



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