It’s Time for Hot Cha-cha-chocolate…

Last year I hosted a holiday party at the house for my staff and featured an outdoor movie-on-the-lawn and front porch hot chocolate bar. This year both made a reprise, but I decided to set everything up two nights in a row so that I could extend the invitation to our neighborhood. After living here 3 years, there are still quite a few neighbors that I haven’t had the chance to be friendly with, so I figured why not. Plus, I wanted to make some small contribution to doing what I could to enhance our Quincy nightlife. 😉 It was a cold night, but we had a few brave souls show up, and everyone enjoyed a piping hot cup of choco-yum!

Hot cocoa bar

Options for spiking and sprinkling…

Thrifted collection of Santa mugs

Cozy up with a blanket…

A movie under the Great Oak tree…

Full disclosure: this pic is actually from the office party.

And some people even brought their onesies!



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