Burn, Baby, Burn 

Recycling Candles Easy Tutorial

I’m loathe to toss something that I think might be reuseable, and I also hate giving up my delicious-smelling candles when they get down to the point that they won’t burn anymore. So, I decided to combine all of the little leftover bits of scented candle wax into new candles to be used all over again. This worked for me because I tend to gravitate to similar woodsy and earthy aromas. So, if you decide to follow my lead, I recommend keeping your mixtures to similar scent families, as well. 
Here’s the step-by-step tutorial:

Supplies needed:

Used candles with remaining wax
Clean vessel for new candle
Wick holders/clips
Chopstick, pencil, of similar item
Large, heavy sauce pot
Kitchen mitt

Wicks and wick holders + clean jar for new candle. (I purchased the wicks at Michael’s, and the jar is recycled from a previously used candle.)

Gather all of your used candles. 

Measure how much wick you need to reach the bottom of the vessel. Wrap the rest of the wick around a chopstick, pencil, skewer, or something similar. Dip the wick holder in melted wax (I just dipped it into a candle I already had burning), and press the wick holder to the bottom of the vessel, letting the wax keep it in place as it cools. 

Place used candles in a heavy pot with about an inch or two of water and slowly being to a simmer. 

In order to limit the risk of shattering glass due to it heating too quickly, I highly recommend heating the glass along with the water (not placing the glass vessels in already heated water) and only bringing to a light simmer (I put my stove on Medium heat, and it did the trick.)

Once the wax has melted enough, dig out the old wick holder with a knife or something similar. (I tried recycling the wick holders too, but, unfortunately, they are pinched to keep the wick in place, and it is seemingly impossible to “un-pinch” them.)

Once the wax has completely melted, remove the vessel from the water using tongs or an oven mitt. 

Pour the melted wax directly into the new candle vessel. 

(I had more wax than I realized, so I quickly reused one of the candle vessels that I just melted the wax from.) 😉

After all of the wax has been melted and poured out, you can clean and reuse those same candle holders for future projects. Just wash with warm, soapy water and allow to dry. 

After the wax has cooled, snip the wick, and your candle is now ready to burn!

Now enjoy your new candle with a new custom aroma!!!


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